Healing Crystals and Other Tools

Healing Crystals
Ready to start an adventure in the world of healing crystals? You’ve found the right place to begin. You now have at your fingertips the best site to help you decide which crystals speak to you and the right tools to enhance your sacred space, and your meditation.  Learn here what to look for in different crystals and what to expect from the use of crystals, how they influence your health and prosperity, and other areas of your life.

Crystals and gemstones have vibrations just like we do. They vibrate at different vibrational frequencies depending on things like density, molecular composition, light frequency (color) and size. The molecules in a crystal have a fixed repeating geometric pattern which means they are geometrically perfect and easily maintain their base frequency.

Crystals contain hexagonal, tetragonal,  trigonal, amorphous, isometric, orthorhombic, monoclinic or triclinic inner patters or structures that align with Platonic Solids.  These are the basic building blocks of life and represent different aspects of the Universe.  The patterns repeat throughout nature and within our bodies, and affect the way crystals work on a metaphysical level.   Hexagonal crystals Are usually better healers while isometric minerals are excellent conductors of energy.

Crystals are tools to help you keep your focus, they don’t do the work for you. You need to put your intentions toward your goals. As the Buddhists say “reality exists only where we create focus”. In other words “where thoughts go, energy flows”. Crystals and gemstones are tools that amplify your clear intentions. Your belief and intuition are the most important and powerful part of this process.

If you do not find that energy in crystals is believable and feel this will not work for you then it will likely be much more difficult for you to manifest your desires using crystals. However, if this information resonates with you then let’s explore the metaphysical together and have some fun manifesting good health,  happiness and abundance.

If you are already experienced and knowledgable in healing crystals, holistics or metaphysics,  awesome! Please help us along with your insight and experience. Explore sites with new, rare, and unusual crystals that you will treasure for a lifetime.  Let’s talk about different manifesting tools and how to use them.

I invite you to share your knowledge, post your comments and experiences along your journey.



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