About Me

Hi and welcome! I’m Christina and I am so happy you were attracted to my site.

Since I am a firm believer in the metaphysical, or beyond the physical, energetic healing aids, it is my extreme pleasure to assist you in finding the natural healing crystals that will bring you to the healthiest and fullest expression of your life.

If you are just starting to “test the water” with the healing energies of crystals you need to understand that not all crystals will “speak” to you, not even crystals from the same source.

My crystal of choice is the amethyst, not just because it is my birthstone, but because I feel energized when I’m around it. I am always wearing amethyst in some form and I feel my best when I am wearing amethyst jewelry.

However, I find that I am not that attracted to all amethyst crystals that I meet. Some say nothing to me and others seem to leap off the shelf to me.

You will find on a whole that one or possible several types of crystals will pull you to them. These are the ones you want to keep with you and around your home and workplace.



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