Aromatherapy Enhances Meditation when used with Healing Crystals



Do you meditate with crystals?  If you don’t I suggest you give it a try.  As you settle down to meditate take your favorite crystal with you.  Just hold it in your hand and focus your awareness on it.  You can hold it in the palm of your hand as a visual as you begin your meditation time or clasp it in your hand and feel the energy.  Take a deep breath, is something missing?  Ahh yes, some aromatherapy!

While you are preparing for your meditation time also include some essential oil to enhance your experience.  Add a few drops to a diffuser and light a small candle or tea light to warm it and relax and let the aromatherapy take you away into a special time of meditation.

If you are entering meditation with a specific intention then you might want to choose a crystal that will align with the energy you wish to achieve.  Citrine, Amazonite, Jade, Peridot, or Aventurine would have great energy if you are looking for prosperity or abundance.  Black Tourmaline for protection.  Rose Quartz for love or harmony.  Amethyst for protection and health.  Selenite for clarity.  Clear Quartz is an amplifying energy for any intention.  When Clear Quartz is used with another crystal (as we saw in my post about crystal grids) it amplifies the energy of that crystal.  Ancient Indians believed that Carnelian would clear the way for you to attract your deepest desires.

So hold your crystal or crystals, light your diffuser of essential oil (lavender has a wonderful calming effect), and  move into meditation.  I guarantee you will move out of your meditation feeling relaxed and renewed.



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