Imbolc and Candlemas Celebrate the Promise of Spring

The festival of Imbolc is celebrated on February 2 (Northern Hemisphere) each year by Wiccans and Pagans and by Christians who call it Candlemas.  Imbolc and Candlemas celebrate the promise of Spring and the hope of new beginnings.  Crystals associated with this festival include red jasper, carnelian, obsidian and bloodstone.

Winter is all about rest, recovery and withdrawing inside ourselves.  This mid-winter festival promises that the icy, barren earth will soon Candlemaschange as life begins to stir deep beneath our feet. We delight in seeing the Crocus and Snowdrops as they begin to push their way up through the frozen ground.

Very briefly,  Imbolc originated as a celebration of the Celtic Goddess Breghit.  When Ireland converted to Catholicism it became known as the feast of St. Brigid and the name later changed to Candlemas after people began bringing their candles to be blessed.

Breghit reigns over hearth and home and is the goddess of the Candlemaseternal flame, the fire within that burns even in the darkest of places, symbolic of our inner flame and that burst of energy we experience to clear out and clean up as the days get longer and warmer.  The broom (besom in Pagan lore) symbolizes the sweeping out of old patterns to usher in what’s new, fresh and productive.

Now let’s talk a little about the crystals associated with this celebration; the dark colors of bloodstone, obsidian, red jasper and carnelian speak to the Root Chakra.  They promote grounding, healing, stability, and sense of safety. Since the Root Chakra is at the base of our Chakra System it lays the foundation for expansion in our life.

Red Jasper:  The Root Chakra’s associated color is red, so it makes sense that many of the Root Chakra stones are red as well.  This one is linked to balancing, so it’s an ideal stone to have if you are battling erratic mood swings.


Carnelian:  A pale red stone with orange hues, carnelian is associated with strength, cleansing, and bravery. It is a good choice if you particularly struggle with fearfulness and can’t bring yourself to leave your comfort zone.

Obsidian:  A black volcanic gemstone, obsidian is said to protect you from harm and negative energies.  You may draw some comfort from wearing it as you work to move to a place of greater security in your life.


Bloodstone:  The stone itself is green, however the name refers to its red spots. This semi-precious stone is linked to pushing away the negative energies that impede physical healing, and increases confidence.  A perfect stone for combatting significant Root Chakra blocks.


Charging Crystals and Gemstones

charging crystals and gemstonesEverything is energy, including your intention.  Crystals, gemstones and all products of the Earth innately hold the imprint of Life itself and are more than willing to serve the Truth and greater purpose once you learn to tap into their energy.  Charging crystals and gemstones is a simple practice that can achieve potent results. It is a good example of how we often need very little to accomplish very much.

Formed by the evolution of the Earth over time, each crystal or gemstone carries its own metaphysical properties, and vibrates with its own frequency. Crystals and gemstones are powerful tools you can use to magnify and direct energy. However, it is important to remember that you are using them to work with energy; the crystal or gemstone itself is not the energy, but a conductor, amplifier, generator, and director. Individual gemstones vibrate at particular frequencies that naturally resonate with certain energy patterns, manifestations, and intentions. Intentionally choosing stones to work with can bring transformation.

Gemstones emit powerful and unique energetic vibrations that impact how you feel, sense, and interact with your environment. I encourage you to select stones to work with based on their individual properties, and your intentions. Visual attraction alone will not always bring the results you seek. However, if there is a particular stone you are drawn to visually, it may be a subconscious realization of an unexpressed need. Don’t ignore your instincts.

Some people are highly sensitive to gemstone vibrations while others are not. As you raise your own vibration, you will be more in touch with, and more readily able to use, your own intuition as a guide. Don’t assume that just because you aren’t sensitive to gemstone vibrations today that you won’t be able to work with them at all. Give yourself time, and recognize that energy work is a process and a skill that you develop with practice..

Charging crystals and gemstones involves setting your intention and purpose. Ask yourself honestly what you seek to manifest, release, or change. Some common intentions that often lead people to work with crystals and gemstones are: healing, love, wealth, spiritual growth, endings and beginnings, and happiness. With any of the charging methods below, send your intentions, and their associated thoughts, feelings, and vibrations into the Universe, thanking the specific stone for being your partner in this energy work.

First, always clear any negative or unwanted energy from your stones. Place your stone under the light of the full moon overnight, or use sage smoke or spray to sufficiently clear energies and purify.


Charging Grid: Gridding is a powerful and beautiful way to use multiples of certain gemstones to achieve a desired outcome.  Try working in multiples of four because the Medicine Wheel has four cardinal directions: North,South,Charging Crystals and Genstones East, and West. You can use four quartz points to make the four cardinal directions and then work in multiples of four if you wish to honor both the quarters and cross-quarters: N, S, E, W, and NE, NW, SE, SW.  Or you can do something as simple as the pattern in this picture.


Charging Stone: Stones can clear and energize each other. Place the stone you are working with directly on or against a charging stone for 24 hours or until it feels full. Selenite and quartz are fantastic examples of charging crystals. Remember that Black Kyanite clears ALL energies from all objects, without holding any energy or charge. No other stone has that unique quality!

Plants: Energy flows vibrantly through thriving nature. Place your gemstone in the soil and among the leaves of a healthy, growing plant for 24 hours or more. If you place Green Aventurine in your plants, they will root faster, grow stronger, and thrive better.

Earth Burial: Mother Earth generously takes away that which no longer serves and returns it to a state of fertile ground. Burying stones in the earth for at least a week or up to a month will clear and charge them. This method works particularly well with grounding gemstones such as smoky quartz and red jasper. You can even grid within the Earth and then bury the entire grid.

Read my page Working With Crystals to Enhance Your Life to learn more about cleansing and charging crystals and gemstones

Septarian is an Ancient Healing Stone

Septarian is an ancient healing stone, sometimes called a Dragon SeptarianStone because its formations can resemble the scales of a dragon.  It’s nodules were formed during the Cretaceous Period, around 50 to 70 million years ago. At that time sea levels were much higher and the Gulf of Mexico reached inland to southern Utah where many Septaria nodules are found. They are also found in Madagascar where conditions were similar.

Periodic volcanic eruptions killed the smaller sea life which sank to the sea bed and started decomposing. The minerals in the shells and carcasses attracted sea floor sediments which accumulated around the carcasses and formed nodules or mud balls. When the ocean eventually receded, the mud balls dried out and began to shrink and crack into the beautiful patterns that we see inside Septaria nodules.

The name Septarian comes from the Latin word “septum” meaning seven, or “saeptum” which means a wall or enclosure. As the balls dried they shrank inside and had a tendency to create a distinctive pattern of 7 points in every direction.

SeptarianOver the eons, calcite leeched down into the cracks and formed calcite crystals which grew to fill the cracks, the interface between the calcite and the bentonite clay transformed into aragonite which is the dark brown crystal layer. The bentonite mud was eventually replaced with limestone which completed the transformation of the entire nodule to stone creating a magnificent piece of artwork from Mother Nature.

As geodes Septaria are a combination of yellow calcite, brown aragonite, grey limestone and white/clear barite, and contain the properties of each of these component minerals

Septaria are healing stones beneficial to overall health and well being because they open psychic abilities, give relief for muscle spasms, and nurture and ground.

Septaria bring calming energies which have a nurturing feel to them, and can bring feelings of joy and spiritual uplifting. They are used to enhance and nurture communication with groups, making it much easier to speak clearly and kindly in group settings. Septarian is also used to assist with communication with Mother Earth. It is said to bring unconscious foreknowledge needed by the user to help them always be prepared for what is coming up. In crystal healing Septaria are used for healing of the blood and kidneys and are related primarily to the root chakra, but also the sacral and solar plexus.

Septarian is a “concretion” stone. Concretions are protective stones, providing both grounding and shielding of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It is a stone for regulation of spiritual, mental, and Septarianphysical prowess. It promotes both calming and understanding on the emotional level. It enhances feelings and the condition of well-being and provides for a merging with and amplifying of ones energies. It is also quite useful in determining the direction in which to progress. Septarian loves to be held, emanating a loving, kind, and sincere energy pattern.

Septarian is a wonderful stone to wear or carry with you if you speak in public, as it gives you confidence and allows you to gain an audience’s attention. As a grounding stone, it allows for better tolerance and patience, as well as emotional flexibility. When you meditate holding a Septarian it can gauge the underlying cause of an illness and focuses the body into healing itself. Septarian can absorb your energy when it is held over a period of time and transmute that energy into strength when needed.



Amber is One of the World’s Oldest Treasures

Amber is one of the world’s oldest treasures.   It is as popular today Amber as it was in ancient cultures and was utilized as far back as the Stone Age for its pleasing warmth of color, value in adornment, and its magical and medicinal properties.

Amber belongs to a small class of organic gems, neither a crystal or a mineral, but a biological product of nature.  It is a protective resin that oozed from living prehistoric trees and fossilized over millions of years.  It is prized for its energetic and healing properties and the powerful Life Force it carries.  Other organic gems include pearl, coral and ivory.

Amber holds a strong connection to the sun and the earth as well as once living insects, plants, and organisms that are forever preserved in its golden structure.

Amber is a natural purifier.  It is esteemed for its ability to draw pain and disease from the physical body as well as the mind and spirit, by absorbing negative energies and stimulating the body’s own ability to heal itself.  It cleanses and reactivates the chakras particularly the Sacral and Solar Plexus.  It emits a bright, soothing energy conducive to health and wellbeing, and provides a protective shield against negative energies.

AmberFrom the earliest discoveries of Amber thousands of years ago it became one of the first exports from the Baltic region.  Prehistoric trade routes were defined by the Amber trade and the inland corridor from coastal areas of the North and Baltic Seas down to the Mediterranean Sea became known as the Amber Road.

AmberTrue Amber of lapidary quality come mainly from the Baltic regions, primarily from Russia, Poland and Lithuania, with small amounts coming from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Burma and Indonesia.  It has a hardness of 2 to 2.5 and comes in colors ranging from whitish and pale yellow, to honey yellow/orange/brown hues,  to a deep brown.  Colors like red or green are rare and most on the market are heat or pressure treated.  Black Amber is not fully fossilized resin and is  really Jet, a form of lignite coal.

Amber is an excellent rubbing stone for dispelling negative moods, relieving anxiety or deflecting energy from others.  Carry it in your pocket or wear it in jewelry.

Since the time of Hippocrates in ancient Greece, Amber and its resinous extracts have been used to alleviate  a variety of health ailments.  It is excellent for relieving stress and depression, and increasing overall vitality and energy levels.  It can stimulate sluggish digestion and is beneficial in treatments for the kidney, spleen, liver and gall bladder, and disorders of the throat.

Bringing balance and stability to ones life, Amber encourages patience and flexibility.  Its warm energy promotes cheerfulness and trust and strengthens self confidence.  It enhances the understanding of messages from the past to aid in decision making and moving forward in life.

Use Amber in meditation when you want to connect to the earth’s wisdom of an earlier age.  It is a great tool for past life exploration, clearing family patterns, or cleansing karmic debris from your energy field.

AmberAmber associates with the color energies of Gold.  Gold color rays bring success, enthusiasm, happiness and power.  It’s the color of kings, riches and the sun.  Light Gold rays provide us with a cheerfulness and contentment while dark Gold provides a deeper more pronounced sense of devotion and commitment.

Amber is fossilized with its Life Force energies intact and is an excellent source of Light energy for the physical body and a tangible support for energetic healing.  It can assist you in connecting with interdimentional and intergalactic Light beings including Nature devas and fairies, and those who are on earth to help mankind through the coming shift.

Although Amber endured millions of years of intense heat, pressure and weathering, it is still very sensitive to acid, gasoline, caustic solutions, alcohol and perfume.  It Is easily scratched and should only be wiped using a soft cloth.



Crystals Amplify Universal Energy

Crystals amplify Universal energyCrystals amplify Universal energy as well as their own energy.  Crystals have an orderliness of structure at the molecular level and with each molecule vibrating at the same rate as all the others.  Synchronization takes place so that all the units within the crystal, and every other crystal of the same composition, vibrate in unison called a harmonic convergence.  Each crystal type has its own fundamental frequency or harmonic note.

Crystal therapy refers to working with crystals’ energy in conjunction with Divine energy. Crystal therapy helps you to better hear, feel, and know the voice of Spirit during your healing sessions.  The crystals work to assist you in healing and helping you communicate with Source.

Crystals amplify Universal energySince crystal therapy is an intuitive healing process, it’s normal for psychic ability to increase as you work with the stones.
I have learned that crystals are alive and filled with exciting and healing messages for us all. They have so much to share with us if we’ll only listen.

Science tells us everything in the Universe is composed of always-moving atomic particles, and we know Spirit is everywhere. Therefore, Spirit is within crystals.  You can probably feel major shifts surging through the world today. As the world speeds up, it’s natural for you to want to slow down and ground yourself. Well, crystals can help you do both. Crystals amplify Universal Energy and can help you understand all the new world energies by opening spiritual channels for you, while also reconnecting you to Mother Earth.  These remarkable minerals Crystals amplify Universal energyare present on Earth to assist us in remembering the dynamics of evolution. As we acknowledge and accept our crystal friends we begin experiencing their positive influence. They’ve been patiently awaiting our willingness to interact from a place of intention and truth, to assist us in healing old patterns while elevating our sensitivity to timeless knowledge.

Universe and Nature have come together to create a vast array of combinations and structures within crystals.  Remember that the mineral kingdom happily welcomes you to explore the beauty, power, and joy of crystals.


Excerpts From: Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., and Judith Lukomski. “Crystal Therapy.” Hay House, Inc., 2011-05-31. iBooks.

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