Gemstone of Prosperity – Goldstone will Boost the Glow of Your Life Force

GoldstoneGoldstone will assist you in attaining your goals while keeping your emotions calm and stable and boosting your personal energy field.  Because it contains copper it will also attract abundance and creativity.

Is Goldstone a natural gemstone?  No.  History says that it was created by accident when a monk spilled some copper shavings into a pot of molten glass.  Some people still refer to it as “monks gold”.  It was highly praised by the Chinese who named it Jinxing Boli which loosely translated means “gold star glass”.

Goldstone is created through a man-made process rather than in Mother Earth’s kitchen, however natural crystals and minerals are used in the recipe.  Ground quartz is mixed with other minerals and heated to a liquid and crafted with metallic copper shavings.  This is an over-simplification of the process.  It takes very specific conditions for it to form properly that I won’t delve into at this time.

It is a great metaphor for the process of financial alchemy, or the process of manifesting wealth.  The process of taking lesser elements and changing them into an element of value is much the same as the process we go through when we set our intention to change lack into prosperity.

Goldstone is a beautiful stone for jewelry, it is mostly seen in the Goldstonegold/brown color but is also created in deep blue and green, and always with the copper flecks.

Use Goldstone in your prosperity rituals and when creating sacred space to remind you of your inner and outer wealth.  Wearing this beautiful rich looking stone encourages you to feel energized and prosperous which helps attract prosperity.

It is thought that Goldstone will boost the glow of your Life Force, strengthen your Chi.  With the help of the copper, as an added benefit, it will strengthen your bones and help circulation which will ease the pain from arthritis and reduce inflation.





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