Selenite, the All-Purpose Healing Crystal

So, you are looking for that one all-purpose healing crystal rockstar that will:

-open, balance and activate all your chakras

-cleanse your aura

-clear and energize all the glands in your body

-clear all blockages in your energy field

-direct high frequency energy into your body stimulating physical, emotional and spiritual healing

-open your inner self to the spiritual world

-magnify many times over the energy of your other crystals and stones when placed on it

-cut the cords of dysfunctional energy from your etheric body

-act as a tool for enlightenment

Well, have I got a crystal for you – Selenite, the all-purpose healing crystal!

All-purpose healing crystal

Selenite is a hydrous calcium sulfate mineral, a form of gypsum crystal and is often called “liquid light”.  It is named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon.  Due to the saltwater formation of Selenite and our own saltwater beginnings we resonate with the very essence of this crystal.  This energetic element and tool enables us to create and intensify new seeds of consciousness.

This soft but powerful mineral is beneficial for everyone to work with for clarity and balance.  But be careful, Selenite will dissolve in any liquid.

Here is a simple energy shifting techniques you can do in your office or at home with a Selenite wand or stone.  Sit in a chair and place your bare feet on your stone.  Then sit quietly and feel the energy of Mother Earth beneath your feet, take deep breaths and allow yourself to relax. Continue for about 15 minutes or until you feel balance return to your body.

You can burn white candles in Selenite candle holders for a beautiful and simple way to keep the energy clear when your home is full of people.

Try placing Selenite on any part of your body that feels tight or sore.  Leave it there for about 20 minutes while you breathe and relax, and you will feel the improvement.

To clean your aura, take a Selenite wand or rod and comb it down your body from your head to the bottom of your feet and into the ground, visualize it sucking up all the anxiety, negativity and worries.  This technique is very powerful and takes just a few minutes.

Once you make contact with the energy of your Selenite you will find the best way to use it for your own personal benefit.


Lemurian Seed Crystals

Lemuria was an ancient civilization believed to have sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean in the area of the Polynesian Islands and Hawaii.  The Lemurian consciousness was centered on the emotional and spiritual dimension unlike our modern world which is focused on mental and physical dimensions.  Lemurian Seed Crystals are programmed with this consciousness of Love and Universal connection.  Working with them can produce a beautiful healing of your soul.

Lemurian Seed CrystalsTrue Lemurian Seed Crystals are only found in the Diamantina Mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil.  These “seeds” were encoded with hidden secrets and planted there by the Lemurians for us to find and learn from.  The “record keepers” containing these codes appear as deep striations on the shaft of the crystal.  Each crystal has 6 sides, alternating clear and frosted.Lemurian Seed Crystals

There are also plain Lemurian Crystals from the same mine that do not have the record keepers and the frosted/clear pattern varies around its 6 sides.  There appears to be no less energy in these crystals and they are still great healers.

There have been reports of Lemurians popping up in others areas around the world, however experts are skeptical of these recently found crystals especially the ones called Amethyst Lemurians.  Be careful who you purchase from and always go to a reputable merchant.

Lemurian Seed Crystals are usually found in 4 colors

Reddish or mauve:  contains iron and is best used for grounding and connecting to Mother Earth

Pinkish, usually very pale:  contains lithium and is best used for calming emotions

Smokey brown:  is naturally radiated and is best for protection, cleansing and detoxing

Clear:  has no added elements and is best for clarifying and amplifying.

Lemurians are excellent for clearing and balancing chakras and for dream work.  Try holding one when you go to sleep.  Also, when you meditate with one run your finger over the striations and ask the record keeps what secrets they have to reveal to you.

It’s said the more Lemurian Crystals are used the stronger they become so be patient if you don’t receive what you’re looking for right away.  Also remember to cleanse your crystal before you start working with it.  See my post on creating sacred space for tips on cleansing your crystals.



Spring Cleaning Gemstones for Transmuting Energy

It’s Spring! Hurray!! We are emerging from layers of ice and snow ready for renewal, creation and rebirth which means releasing and transmuting of old stuck energies that no longer serve us.  This can be challenging.  I have some gemstones that will help transmute energy that I think you will want to add to your collection.Stones for transmuting our energy

First off, what is “transmutation”?  The definition of “transmutation” is “to change from one nature, substance or form to another”. This is exactly what we want to do in the Spring.  Dust off our stagnant dark energy and become like a beautiful new butterfly.  Shining and sparkling in the sun because we are reborn with renewed energy.

There are 3 gemstones for transmutation that I will recommend.  The first Gemstones for transmuting energyis Gold Sheen Obsidian. This stone works on “dark shadows”.  We all have shadows.  They are a collective that represents our darker tendencies, patterns or behaviors.  Gold Sheen Obsidian creates a protective barrier that deflects negativity.  It helps us uncover our hidden skills while removing blockages to our growth.  By stimulating our Solar Plexus Chakra it will help us reclaim our personal power.

The next stone is Mahogany Obsidian.  This is a stone for warriors.  It Gemstones for transmuting energycarries strong energy yet is a gentle grounding stone.  It supports the warrior or warrioress into battle enabling us to face life’s challenges with strength and courage.  We can align with Divine Will to become co-creators with the Universe to manifest our highest good.

Last but certainly not least is Bronzite, the Gemstones for transmutin energystone of focused action and courtesy.  Bronzite helps us with uncertainty, allowing us to think ahead and take control of our life.  Because it dispels uncertainty we can take the necessary actions for our own benefit while, at the same time, being loving and principled in our behavior.  Bronzite promotes change in a harmonious way.

These 3 gemstones for transmuting energy make a powerful Spring “cocktail” to help us emerge from our cocoon feeling reborn, shedding our old limiting skin and awaking to our new powerful energy.  Meditate on each one separately or use them in a crystal grid or place them in your sacred space alter to promote your transmuting energy.


Gemstone of Prosperity – Goldstone will Boost the Glow of Your Life Force

GoldstoneGoldstone will assist you in attaining your goals while keeping your emotions calm and stable and boosting your personal energy field.  Because it contains copper it will also attract abundance and creativity.

Is Goldstone a natural gemstone?  No.  History says that it was created by accident when a monk spilled some copper shavings into a pot of molten glass.  Some people still refer to it as “monks gold”.  It was highly praised by the Chinese who named it Jinxing Boli which loosely translated means “gold star glass”.

Goldstone is created through a man-made process rather than in Mother Earth’s kitchen, however natural crystals and minerals are used in the recipe.  Ground quartz is mixed with other minerals and heated to a liquid and crafted with metallic copper shavings.  This is an over-simplification of the process.  It takes very specific conditions for it to form properly that I won’t delve into at this time.

It is a great metaphor for the process of financial alchemy, or the process of manifesting wealth.  The process of taking lesser elements and changing them into an element of value is much the same as the process we go through when we set our intention to change lack into prosperity.

Goldstone is a beautiful stone for jewelry, it is mostly seen in the Goldstonegold/brown color but is also created in deep blue and green, and always with the copper flecks.

Use Goldstone in your prosperity rituals and when creating sacred space to remind you of your inner and outer wealth.  Wearing this beautiful rich looking stone encourages you to feel energized and prosperous which helps attract prosperity.

It is thought that Goldstone will boost the glow of your Life Force, strengthen your Chi.  With the help of the copper, as an added benefit, it will strengthen your bones and help circulation which will ease the pain from arthritis and reduce inflation.





Healing Crystals, Gemstones and Minerals

See below low samples of various healing crystals, gemstones and minerals and their common purposes.  All of these awesome stones will serve you well in your crystal grids or as a focal point for meditation.


Healing crystals, gemstones

Rose Quartz for romance or self-love, acceptance

Healing crystals, gemstones

Aventurine for prosperity

Black Tourmaline for protection

Hematite for pain relief and balancing energy

Clear Quartz adds power and clarity

Celestite to calm and uplift emotions

Smoky Quartz clears negative energy

Amethyst for spirituality, contentment, inner strength

Citrine for prosperity and abundance


Rhodelite Garnet for stability and regeneration


Jasper for relaxation and tenderness







Pyrite adds energy to prosperity crystals

Fluorite for focus and personal power

Azurite for enlightenment

Amber for grounding

Blue Lace Agate for calm resolve and courage

Moldavite for transformation and fulfillment of desires

Larimar to relieve stress

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