Crystal Grids will Amplify Your Specific Intentions

Crystal grids are geometric patterns of energetically aligned crystals or combinations of crystals and gemstones.  These stones are charged by your clear intention for the purpose of manifesting a specific objective.

So the first and most important thing you want to do is have a very clear picture in your mind of what you want to manifest in your life.  Prosperity, physical or mental or emotional healing, a new relationship, or a connection with your angels, the possibilities are endless. Whatever it is you must be specific, so take time to write down some notes and contemplate and edit them until you have a clear, specific intention.

Decide where you want to place your grid and  create your sacred space (see my post “Using Healing Crystals to Create Sacred Space“).  Decide on a mat color to use as a foundation.  Solid colored pieces of material are best, green for abundance, pink for love, orange or red for physical healing, white or purple for emotional healing, purple could also be used for raising your consciousness or seeking to increase your connection with Spirit.  Crystal gridsCrystal grids need to follow a geometric pattern.  You can purchase patterns on paper or cloth or create your own.  A simple hexagon is a good one for starters, or possibly the flower of life pattern as seen in this picture.

In the picture at the top you see a simple prosperity grid where I placed both Pyrite and Citrine in the middle on top of my written intention and a $5 bill.  There are points of Clear Quartz and Citrine around the center stone and also Aventurine and Jade.  At the bottom is a powerful Lemurian Seed Crystal to boost the energy and at each corner is a small Amethyst sphere.

Decide what stones you want to use depending on your intention (see my post “Healing Crystals, Gemstones and Minerals” for some examples) .  You want a prominent center stone and at least 4 amplifiers.  Add other stones that appeal to you.  Just trust your intuition and maybe also add some candles, a live plant or some flowers near or around the grid.  Write down your clear intention on a piece of paper and put it under your center stone.  You can add a picture of what you expect your manifestation to look like or a dollar bill to represent prosperity.

Handle each crystal as you place it on the grid.  Hold it in the palm of your hand and speak your intention.  Then take a generator wand and touch it to your center stone and repeat your intention then touch the wand to each of the other stones visualizing the energy connecting each stone like an electrical wire.  Bless your grid and thank it.  If you use Reike, that would be an added benefit.

Crystal grids should remain in place until it has completed its task or your are intuitively guided to change it.  Give it attention daily, thanking it and visualizing your fulfilled intention. Remember to cleanse the stones when you are done with your grid so that they are ready to be programmed with their next task.



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