Crystals Amplify Universal Energy

Crystals amplify Universal energyCrystals amplify Universal energy as well as their own energy.  Crystals have an orderliness of structure at the molecular level and with each molecule vibrating at the same rate as all the others.  Synchronization takes place so that all the units within the crystal, and every other crystal of the same composition, vibrate in unison called a harmonic convergence.  Each crystal type has its own fundamental frequency or harmonic note.

Crystal therapy refers to working with crystals’ energy in conjunction with Divine energy. Crystal therapy helps you to better hear, feel, and know the voice of Spirit during your healing sessions.  The crystals work to assist you in healing and helping you communicate with Source.

Crystals amplify Universal energySince crystal therapy is an intuitive healing process, it’s normal for psychic ability to increase as you work with the stones.
I have learned that crystals are alive and filled with exciting and healing messages for us all. They have so much to share with us if we’ll only listen.

Science tells us everything in the Universe is composed of always-moving atomic particles, and we know Spirit is everywhere. Therefore, Spirit is within crystals.  You can probably feel major shifts surging through the world today. As the world speeds up, it’s natural for you to want to slow down and ground yourself. Well, crystals can help you do both. Crystals amplify Universal Energy and can help you understand all the new world energies by opening spiritual channels for you, while also reconnecting you to Mother Earth.  These remarkable minerals Crystals amplify Universal energyare present on Earth to assist us in remembering the dynamics of evolution. As we acknowledge and accept our crystal friends we begin experiencing their positive influence. They’ve been patiently awaiting our willingness to interact from a place of intention and truth, to assist us in healing old patterns while elevating our sensitivity to timeless knowledge.

Universe and Nature have come together to create a vast array of combinations and structures within crystals.  Remember that the mineral kingdom happily welcomes you to explore the beauty, power, and joy of crystals.


Excerpts From: Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., and Judith Lukomski. “Crystal Therapy.” Hay House, Inc., 2011-05-31. iBooks.

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