Crystals and Candle Therapy

Crystals and candle therapyCrystals and candle therapy have been around for thousands of years in various forms. Some type of candle therapy is used by nearly every religion and healing modality.  Ever since ancient times candles have lit our way through transitions both happy and sad.  They are used for celebrations, processions and ceremonies.  The candle flame creates a tranquil and hypnotic experience for those who allow its power to take their mind away to their special, safe place.

Crystals and candlesThe technique of crystals and candle therapy involves holding your selected crystal or crystals in your hand or placing it next to your candle on a table or on the floor near you, and focusing on the crystal as you meditate.  In a group meditation place the candles and crystals in the center of the group.  Just be sure the entire group focuses on the same intention.

Crystals allow you to reach higher spiritual levels during meditation.  They magnify your personal energy by aligning and connecting with the Universe or Divine Source.  By concentrating on the candle flame you can center your attention and then focus on your intention.

Here are a few suggestions I found for crystals and candle therapy for specific intentions.

For Success:

Take an unscented soy wax candle and lightly coat it in a clockwise motion with cinnamon oil.  As you go around the candle with the oil think of your intention, feel it in your body.  If you don’t have cinnamon oil place powdered cinnamon in the bottom of the candleholder.  Intuitively select 8 crystals which include Carnelian, Citrine, and Amber, and infuse them with your intention.  On a bright, sunny day place the candle in the sunshine, light it and place the crystals in a circle around it focusing on the success you wish to achieve.  Leave the candle burn for about an hour.  Do this daily for a week or until your candle runs out, then carry the crystals in your pocket to keep close the energy of your intention.

For Love:

Choose a rose soy wax candle and Rose Quartz Crystal.   Make some quiet time for yourself, light the candle and sit quietly holding your crystal in your dominant hand over your heart.  Take some deep breaths and focusing on your breathing picture pink light going into your heart chakra from the crystal.  Now imagine that pink light spreading though your whole being, forming a beautiful cloud around your body.  See this pink light infuses your body with love and compassion.  Breathe it in and as you release your breath see all your unwanted feelings and emotions leaving your body and change into tiny pink sparkles that float away.  Do this until your feel renewed.  Then imagine a pink cord or root going down from your feet grounding you to Mother Earth.

For a Good Nights Sleep:

Light a chamomile or amber soy wax candle and breath in the scent focusing on relaxing your body.  Do this for 5-10 minutes to unwind from your day.  Have a Blue Lace Agate and a Blue Calcite in your pocket or next to your candle.  Drink some chamomile tea and let it relax your torso and limbs and when the tea is gone place the candle in your bedroom and blow out the flame letting the smoke permeate your room as you drift off to sleep.

For Abundance:

One of the best ways to work towards increasing your abundance is toCrystals and candle therapy create a crystal grid.  Use a jasmine soy wax candle and hold it in your hands infusing it with your intentions, then place it in the center of your grid.  Select Citrine and Clear Quartz crystals and hold them in your hands imaging them filling up with your goals and desires. Place the Citrine crystals around the candle holder and then place the Clear Quartz in a circle around the Citrine.  Light your candle and imagine the flame spreading to each crystal then picture it spreading past your grid and carrying your intention out to the Universe.  Do this daily for a week or until you intuitively feel it’s time to quit.

Remember to always thank your crystals when done and clear them before using them for another intention.  If your candle wasn’t used up  then do the same with it if you plan to light it again for a different intention.

Crystals and candle therapy is used to enhance your crystal altar or grid or meditation time, it’s another tool to assist you in taking your message out to the Universe.



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