Sacred Crystals Clear Energy Fields

Areas in your home and/or personal space have energy fields.  Sacred Sacred crystalscrystals will disperse negative energy “clearing the air” so to speak.  Most people feel a “lightening” of their personal energy field when entering a room with sacred crystals present.

Some sacred crystals that discharge a higher vibration can disperse negative energy and keep it from returning. It also works on negative feelings and thoughts attached to us. Black tourmaline would be a very good choice for this purpose.  Putting it in your entryway would be effective because it will prevent negative energy from entering your home or room. You could also place it in the center of your home or room to push out the negative energy.

Occasionally  you will want to clear your crystals, the most important time for clearing is when you first get a new crystal. You want to release old energy and intentions so it will have a clear and perfect vibration for the task you give it.  This can be done by rinsing them in filtered or distilled water then setting them outside or in a window with full bright sunlight or moonlight for at about 4 hours to retune or realign.  Another, sometimes more practical method, is the use of musical tones like those produced by a crystal singing bowl or a tuning fork.  I like to combine smudging to clear the air around them and then the tuning fork (4096Mz) to sort of shock them back to their original vibration.

If you are not attracted to tourmaline for this purpose you could also use amethyst, rose, smoky or clear quartz.  Rose Quartz is great to have at your entrance to encourage all who enter to be loving and accepting.  Clear quartz will amply the energy of any other crystal placed with it.

Sacred crystals

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