Healing Crystals, Gemstones and Minerals

See below low samples of various healing crystals, gemstones and minerals and their common purposes.  All of these awesome stones will serve you well in your crystal grids or as a focal point for meditation.


Healing crystals, gemstones

Rose Quartz for romance or self-love, acceptance

Healing crystals, gemstones

Aventurine for prosperity

Black Tourmaline for protection

Hematite for pain relief and balancing energy

Clear Quartz adds power and clarity

Celestite to calm and uplift emotions

Smoky Quartz clears negative energy

Amethyst for spirituality, contentment, inner strength

Citrine for prosperity and abundance


Rhodelite Garnet for stability and regeneration


Jasper for relaxation and tenderness







Pyrite adds energy to prosperity crystals

Fluorite for focus and personal power

Azurite for enlightenment

Amber for grounding

Blue Lace Agate for calm resolve and courage

Moldavite for transformation and fulfillment of desires

Larimar to relieve stress

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