Working with Crystals to Enhance Your Life

Crystals to enhance your lifeCrystals are uniquely different in size, texture and vibration.  While a Quartz might be perfect for most tasks, other crystals are uniquely suited for specific purposes because each offers its own place of mastery and wisdom.  Always follow your intuition when searching for crystals to enhance your life.

Many books are available that will guide your research, just remember that this information was the result of someone else’s intuition.  Do not dismiss your own intuition in deference to someone else’s conclusion.  You will surprise yourself and gain confidence as you follow the urging of the crystals directly.

       Some Ways to Use Crystals to Enhance Your Life

Physic Enhancement

Crystals to enhance your lifeAll crystals will help you better connect with your own intuition and hear subtle messages from the Universe.   As you see throughout this website I favor Amethyst for many purposes especially to open the 3rd Eye Chakra to better perceive the unseen around you.  Apophyllite on the 3rd Eye Chakra will magnify the power of your physic vision and sensitive souls will also feel a mild vibration.

Practice with any crystal that you are drawn to, again, trust your intuition.  Try laying down, place your chosen crystal on your 3rd Eye, between and slightly above your eyebrow.  Allow yourself to move into a medatative state and lovingly ask the crystal to assist you in expanding your awareness and then notice how you feel.  You may feel a strong physical sensation, or you may feel nothing at all.  Be gentle and patient as you begin to explore the way crystals will effect you and trust that it is amplifying your physic vision.

Healing Enhancement

Perhaps the most well known and beloved uses for crystals is their potential to assist with healing. Because they transmit a frequency, crystals are able to alleviate the uneasy vibrations and the discomfort we sometimes encounter.  A lot of people will turn to crystals before medications because they offer a direct and natural connection to the blessings of the earth.

Crystals hold vibrations, both their own and of the person who is working with it.  Holding Sodalite on the back of the neck will help to dull a headache while Rose Quartz held on the heart will soothe sadness.

When working with your chakras, crystals will help to help balance your energetic field.

Enhance Meditation

If you already practice meditation then using crystals to enhance your connection to the Universe and the unseen realms will offer untold additional blessings.  As a natural amplifier of energy crystals deepen your meditation and grant you access to spaces you may not discover on your own.

The uses of crystals in meditation are vast and yours to explore.  Crystals can help you connect with your higher self , spiritual masters and ascended beings, and give greater clarity on your path.  They can even help with the courage you need to choose a new path if the one you are following no longer serves your highest purpose.

Your crystals will likely become your allies and will hold the potency of your truth and vibration which will elevate your meditative experiences.

Enhance Plants

Placing crystals in plants is a harmonious partnership and is nature at Crystals to enhance your lifeher most connected.  Like crystals, plants will emit their own energetic, physic signature.  To partner a plant with a crystal will amplify all life around you.  There is a symbiotic relationship, the crystal will bless the plant, and the plant will cleanse the crystal.

Choose the crystals you are guided to use or that your plant is asking for, you will know when you’ve found the right ones.  Place them in or around the plant depending on the size or type of stone.  Remember not all stones can sit in water or moist soil, for example do not put Selenite in the pot as it will dissolve in water.

Your plants will thrive and your environment purified and you may feel an immediate sense of pleasure or gratitude from your plants.

Enhance Drinking Water

Since water is a living liquid vibration, crystals can purify and cleanse it.  Our tap water travels through all kinds of contaminants before coming out of the faucet.  Shungite is a good crystal for cleansing water, but here again follow your intuition.  Since water has a crystal structure most any crystal will have a positive effect.

You can put crystals directly in your water to receive their love and absorb their vibration.  Research your crystals first because some minerals can be toxic and some others will dissolve in the water contaminating it.  Crystals in drinking water are usually referred to as “gem elixirs”.

Another way to use gem elixirs is to put your crystals in a container of water and let it sit overnight.  In the morning remove the crystals and use the water for drinking or for your pet and even your house plants.

                      Cleansing  and Re-tuning Crystals


You’re going to want to cleanse all your new crystals because you have no idea what they have been through or what energies they have absorbed.  Also cleanse a crystal if it has been cracked or broken, or subjected to high amplitude energy like intense healing therapy or in a crystal grid. Sometimes you just look at them and know they need to be refreshed.

There are a few crystals, like Selenite, that some experts will tell you never need to be cleansed.  I’m not sure if that’s really true but it certainly can’t hurt them (as long as you keep them dry).


There are many suggestions out there about how to cleanse and re-tune crystals, like burying them in salt or rice or in dirt, but let’s keep it simple.  I like to first smudge them to clear the energy and then use a tuning fork or singing bowl to reset their frequency vibration.  You could also set them out in the sunlight for awhile or in the light of a full moon.  It really depends what feels right to you and often your crystals will tell you what they need.

Suggestions that I have heard:

-Smudging – Smudge crystals with incense or herbs (lavender, sage)
-Sunlight – Energize crystals in the sunlight.
-Moonlight – Energize crystals under the moonlight.
-Salt Water – Soak inside bowl filled with salt water (not all crystals can tolerate this)
-Brooks, Lakes, Rivers – Cleanse crystals in a natural water sources (again, not all crystals can be in water)                 -Brown Rice – Purify overnight in a bowl of brown rice
-Earth – Bury crystals in the earth for a ritual purification.
-Cold Tap Water – Scrub harder crystals under running tap of cold water.
-Reiki – Infuse crystals with balancing Reiki energies and symbols.
-White Light – Visualize beaming white light to cleanse your crystals.
-Tesla Color Plates – raise vibratory frequencies
-Selenite – Use a selenite wand to wave over your other stones (selenite has cleansing properties), or let your crystals sit on a Selenite slab.
-Singing bowls, tuning fork or Tibetan tingsha
-Rainfall and Thunderstorms – Set your stones outdoors during a rainfall for a natural washing. Energize them further by allowing them to sit out during a thunderstorm.

There are posts on this page that will help you with creating your sacred space, or crystal grids along with others to help you with meditation or chakra balancing.  So please enjoy all my posts and let us know what you think or feel, what you’ve tried, or what you’ve read. I’d love to read your comments on how you use crystals to enhance your life!


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