Hemi-Sync Musical Tones will Focus Your Mind for a Deep Meditation

So you’re preparing your sacred space for meditation, you have your crystals in hand and possibly around you, you’re comfortable and the lavender essential oils smells wonderful.  What could possible make this scenario any better?  How about some music.  Soft Steven Halpren or Liquid Mind would be lovely but maybe try something different this time.  Try some Hemi-Sync to focus your mind and reach deep levels of meditation.

Hemi-Sync uses a process call “Neuromapper” to help you safety alter your brain waves with multi-layered patterns of sound frequencies.  Learn about Hemi-Sync’s patented brain stimulating CD’s.Hemi-Sync

I used their CD’s years ago and somehow got away from it and recently found my CD’s and started back up again.  OMG why did I ever stop!  I’d forgotten how amazing meditations can be and how much energy I had afterwards.  I also have a CD for healing restful sleep that works wonders.  Use a good set of stereo headphones to ensure you don’t miss a beat.



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