Himalayan Salt Lamps and Salt Crystals

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt Used for Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt Crystals

Carved Chunks of Himalayan salt are commonly used to create Salt Lamps which are excellent for cleaning the indoor air similar to an air purifier. When the salt is warmed by a small watt light bulb it sends negative ions into the air which reduces electromagnetic frequencies and allergens.  I have 2 lamps that I  like to keep by my work desk/computer to break up all the negative energy (positive ions) given off by electronic devices. I also like to have one in my bedroom to reduce dust particles and clean the air that I breath while sleeping.


An added benefit is that they look really cool. There are many variations in color, size and shape. I have one I refer to as Saturn because it’s round and the color variations make it look like a planet with a ring around it.

Did you know that there are also health benefits from eating Himalayan salt crystals? It’s pretty amazing and an excellent alternative to table salt and even sea salt. Himalayan salt crystals contain more than 80 trace minerals and is very low in sodium. Himalayan salt formed in crystallized sea salt beds over millions of years under layers of lava, snow and ice in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet.

Because this salt stores vibrational energy our bodies are able to easily absorb the minerals. So what exactly are the benefits attributed to these salt crystals?

When Himalayan salt crystals are ingested they benefit our body by:
*increasing our body’s ability to hydrate
*lowering blood pressure
*Strengthen our bones and improve circulation which can reduce visible signs of aging
*Detox heavy metals from our system
*reduce muscle cramps

Many grocery store and speciality stores now carry the pink Himalayan salt crystals in a grinder.  I’ve found that it has a little “saltier” taste so start out using a little less than normal.  I recommend trying it to reduce the amount of sodium in your diet.



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