Crystals are Tools From the Universe

Crystals are tools, therefore wearing crystals, creating crystal grids, Crystals are toolsfocusing on a crystal while meditating or carrying crystals in your pocket or purse, are all ways that we use these tools to energize our intentions for manifesting.   Crystals are tools from the Universe that were birthed and nourished in Mother Earth.  Everything in the Universe is connected by energy and it is ours to use.

I believe modern man has broken our connection with the Universe by becoming too invested in dogma and man-made rules and material possessions.   The “New Age” concept of the connected energy of the Universe is actually a very old belief that has gone full circle and we are finally discovering it anew.

As an example, let’s look at using crystals and the Law of Attraction. Crystals are toolsThe Law of Attraction is the principle that like attracts like.  Everything needs structure through which to manifest, especially the subtle energies of thought and intention.  With their crystalline matrix, crystals absorb, hold and radiate energy.  They have been part of the manifestation process for eons.  As a result they are already imbued with the power of belief and carry a manifesting programme within them that just needs activating.

Hold your crystal in the palm of your left hand (your receiving hand) and focus on your intention.  The energy of the crystal will align with your energy to send your intention out to the Universe.  Most importantly you must believe in your intention.  The Universe demands that we fully believe that we already have what we desire in order to manifest it in our life.

Crystals are tools

Rose Crystals

Each crystal has its own unique power which can be activated by you to manifest your heart’s desire.  See my  post on crystal grids to learn more about using crystals to manifest abundance and healing.




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